Monthly Partners

By donating monthly, you are part of the ongoing work to restore the lives of young women in need. Restoring young women back to their families and creating strong mothers who know how to care for their children. Restoration and transformation occur over a period of time, and our monthly partners commit to this continual process by their monthly investing. Regular giving also allows our ministry to plan for the future and make the best use of our resources. Choose from the following Monthly Partner Programs or select a different amount to give monthly:

Restoring Daughters and Saving Lives - $30/month

Restoring Daughters and Saving Lives

This monthly giving program helps us provide the care each young woman needs. Our Program includes counseling, life-skills training and educational and career opportunities.

Handle With Care - $100/month

Monthly Partners Handle With CareThis monthly giving program helps us provide care for moms to become the best moms they can be through parenting and life-skills.

Sponsor A Girl - $200/month

Hannah House Monthly Partners Sponsor A GirlWhen you Sponsor a Girl, you help care for an individual girl, from the counselors and staff who support her to her food and other necessities.

Thank you for helping the young women and babies at Hannah House!!

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